This is a tough question with a really tough answer. I will get out, right away, the obvious denial answer: watching porn is a healthy release for men and online sexual fantasy play falls into that area.

The answer I Bokep given you is used by men, and porn producers/promoters, all the time and because it is so often repeated people start to believe that it is correct. There have even been studies confirming this point of view.

But let me state categorically that the answer above, that watching porn online is a natural release for men, is a blatant lie that not only demeans women by allowing men to view women as nothing more than sexual objects, but it also is demeaning to men by asserting that men need an outlet other than a committed partner for sexual release to be men.

Cheating, whether through real-world encounters or online sexual fantasy, is cheating.

If you are in a relationship where one of the persons does something that puts the other into a lower class, turns them into an object rather than a person, that would be an intolerable situation and a reason for breakup.

If your boyfriend turns to online porn to stimulate and satisfy his “sexual needs” then he has a replacement for you already. You are losing your identity as a woman and becoming part of a class of sexual objects.

Having the trust of sexual intimacy requires a commitment by both partners to be satisfied with each other and nothing more!

Certainly there is room for improvement in the intimate areas of many couple’s lives but that does not automatically include the use of porn as an outlet for satisfaction.

To answer the initial question I would say “No, you cannot trust a man that uses online porn and fantasy alongside being in a committed relationship”.

As we have learned to define “committed relationship” as the total and complete merging of two lives into one, we must also allow that what is good for one is good for both. And when the boyfriend is using his spare time to go “online trolling” for other female attention and entertainment then this is an abuse of the relationship and a stepping stone to larger intimacy problems.

Now there are also varying degrees of porn addiction: that which is done openly, with the assumed permission of his partner; and that which is done in secret, with the assumed objection of his partner.

While each of these uses of online porn is not mutually exclusive of the other, they do indicate varying degrees of acceptableness within the relationship and the community to which you both belong. The former is usually used under the heading of “What’s so bad about it” while reasoning for the latter is usually “It’s my secret, not yours” as a way of masking the use permissible.

If you wouldn’t trust your boyfriend at a strip club why would you trust him when he invites the strip club into your home?

If you would allow your boyfriend to go to a strip club what type of comparisons to other women are you willing to accept?

What value do you put on your relationship to allow such “freedoms” of abuse within your relationship?