Today I want to make a mention of black tourmaline. The crystal is a potent protector for healers, to shield against negativity. It also is used to clear the energy field from negative and harmful electromagnetic frequencies as those generated by electronic devices including television screen, mobile phones, and computers. It is a good habit to have a piece of black tourmaline between you and the computer as well as a small piece inside your mobile phone. We also ביצת יוני opened the desktop computer box and placed a small crystal inside the box together with other crystals. I can guarantee that since then that box keeps us really happy!

Another stone that is used to clear negative electromagnetic frequencies is malachite. Green malachite from Kenya and Congo is a powerful if not the most powerful shield together with black tourmaline. You will find malachite often in the shape of an egg or a flat thick piece and that is because when tourmaline is mined it produced a poisonous dust which is removed from the stone and then polished. Indeed most pieces of malachite found on the market are polished and nicely carved to make it a nice piece of decoration. However it is also a powerful protector from energy field and hence you will gain a lot by locating it nearby your television screen. Besides being beautiful it will let you watch your best programme in total safety. Clear quartz is very common but also i very good energy cleanser. Investing in a piece of clear quartz and keeping it in a lounge room is a recipe for clean air.

Choosing a crystal is a personal rather than standard journey involving knowledge about crystals, intuition, purpose and selection of crystals according to the needs, use and attraction. The color, the texture and the feeling about one crystal or another is a personal experience. Hold the crystal in the palms of the hand, let it breathe in a bit, juggle with both hands and make it turn. Feel the energy and let it speak, or emanate vibrations to you.

The most common way to clean a crystal is simply under tap water to wash out dust, and other debris from the location where it comes from [shop, ground, present, shelve]. The direct use of salt is not recommended unless the crystal is very dirty from dust or soil or other debris. In this case some salt in water and soaking the crystal for a few hours will help disintegrate oils and negative energies from its surface. If the crystal is in normal conditions and does not present major damages in its appearance or does not come from a highly polluted area it possible to clean the crystal by placing it in an empty bowl, placed inside another bowl containing salt. leave it for 24 hours and removed the salt.